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Upcoming NMOHVA Events

Upcoming events

    • Friday, October 22, 2021
    • Sunday, October 24, 2021
    • Truth or Consequences, NM
    • 81

    It's FINALLY that time again!!!

    Come join the New Mexico Off Highway Vehicle Alliance (NMOHVA) at their 9th Annual Rubber (Stripper) Chicken Ride dual sport motorcycle event in beautiful Truth of Consequences, New Mexico on October 22-24, 2021


    The 2021 edition of this annual tradition is, once again, a fund-raising event.  All proceeds above NMOHVA's costs will go directly to NMOHVA's Access Defense Fund. 


    All three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) will feature a fantastic variety of great dual sport riding opportunities through the mountains and deserts of New Mexico.  Some of the traditional favorite rides include historic Palomas Gap, the beauty of Chloride Canyon, and the high country views from Mt. Withington. 


    All of the motorcycle riding is strictly "no fee" and at the event participant's discretion. Maps and/or GPS tracks of suggested routes will be provided.  As always, we anticipate plenty of people who would be willing to let others follow them as they enjoy the beautiful and varied scenery around Truth or Consequences and surrounding areas.


    All road riding requires a legal, plated bike per New Mexico statutes. All dirt road and trail riding requires a plated bike, a valid NM OHV sticker, or a sticker from a reciprocal state. A USFS-approved spark arrestor is required on all Forest Service managed lands.

    On to the detail portion of this announcement. Due to the rising numbers of Covid cases locally, our local caterer closing, and being unable to find a reasonable replacement caterer at this time, we the board have decided not to proceed with the usual dinner and raffle on Saturday night. I know this will be a disappointment to some of you but we feel it is the right thing to do given some of the persistent factors. Also due to those same ongoing issues we are not planning on morning breakfast meetings this year. We will hold our morning ride meetings at the Healing Waters Plaza downtown at 9:00am, this will give everyone a chance to have breakfast wherever and however they choose. Sign-in will be at the Healing Waters Plaza downtown Thursday afternoon and Friday Afternoon and during the morning meetup. 

    We are trying to do our best this year to hold the event while dealing with Covid issues and restrictions. Due to this there is a possibility that if the state or fed order the state or county shut down again we as a 501c3 nonprofit will have to comply and cancel the event. That said we will issue refunds to entrants and you will be free to do whatever you want to do on that weekend, like riding…


    We will be adhering strictly to an 100 rider limit for this year's event.  Rider's will not be on the official "in" list until the payment process has been completed. As of this writing Sep 12, 2021, it looks like our limit of 100 riders is ok to proceed.

    On a personal note from the prez of NMOHVA, I know the whole COVID debate can stir up some strong feelings on both sides of this issue. As such we are all big boys and girls so no one from NMOHVA is going to mandate anything on anyone. We are all going to be at this event of our own free will. That being said some people will be more and some less concerned regarding Covid. Some will wear masks and others won't so we will respect everyone individual decisions to recreate as they see fit. If you do feel sick before the event please stay home and let us know, we will issue you a refund if you can't make it due to illness. The only thing we will request from everyone is to use common sense, ride respectfully, tread lightly, and everyone have some responsible fun. 

    Looking forward to seeing everyone again and to get back out riding. Until then be careful and enjoy life and family.


    Dean Tulk

    NMOHVA - President

    Check out NMOHVA and what we are doing to promote, preserve, and protect motorized recreation in New Mexico at

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