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Greetings from the New Mexico Off Highway Vehicle Alliance!

NMOHVA's main web page remains at  This website is the "front end" for our membership/donation/event registration database.  NMOHVA uses a professional membership management software to help us better communicate with our members and manage our services.  What benefits do our members see?

1.  All of our membership records are kept up to date.    When members join or renew, the information is automatically entered into our database so that we have accurate records of who are members are, when they joined, what level of membership they have, etc. 

2.  Automated email reminders for renewals.  With an accurate membership list, the software automatically reminds our members when their membership needs to be renewed.  The renewal notices includes instructions on how to quickly and easily renew membership and accommodate a variety of payment methods including PayPal and credit card payments.

3.  Members can update their own information.  Each member has a "profile" in our database that allows them to update important contact information (email, phone, address, etc).  Not getting our newsletters because you just moved or changed your email address?  No problem!  A few minutes and you can easily update your contact information in our database yourself.

We are continually upgrading our system and services to you.  We try to be very careful but we occasionally add in some bugs.  If you get a notice that your dues are late but you have already paid or some other error, please don't get upset...just let us know and we will fix the error.

This membership database helps us strengthen communication with our members.  Being able to communicate quickly and easily to our membership across the state is one of our biggest weapons in continuing to preserve, protect and promote your right to ride in New Mexico.  These  tools will allow us to do a better job and position NMOHVA to grow stronger and be more effective than ever.

So...."click" on the JOIN and DONATE buttons on the left and help us protect the trails in New Mexico!

Your NMOHVA Board of Directors



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